In terms of shelter Wasps will prefer any area that protects their nest from the elements, so a shed roof overhang or a loft space might be attractive as a suitable environment to set up home.

Wasps also have a few other requirements for setting up home.

Building material - They need weathered wood in close proximity to their home which they will chew into a paste and this in turn is used to make their paper nests.

Food supply - Wasps will eat insects, fruit and human waste products ie food in rubbish bins. On a plus size wasps in your house will kill any unwelcome insects.

Fruit lying around on the ground will attract Wasps who are attracted to the high sugar content.

Lastly, your waste. If natural food is not readily available and rubbish is Wasps will infest this.

What can you do to make your home less interesting to Wasps looking for a new home.

Insects - Make sure your home is not home to other pests and insects. Make sure you have regular inspections to reduce this potential annoyance to you and potential food supply for Wasps.

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Fruit - If you have fruit bearing trees and plants in your garden make sure you collect any that has fallen to the ground. Keep a tidy garden. Wasps are low attracted to scented flowers and the nectar they offer so consider having these kinds of plants away from your home.

Human garbage - if you have waste make sure it is sealed and not exposed to the element. Consider having waste storage inside out of sight, a shed or garage would be good.

In essence think about what a Wasp finds attractive and minimise your home as a forever home - well for a year anyway.

If despite all your efforts the Wasps still love your home get in touch today. We can asses your friends and advise and remove as appropriate.

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