We have years of experience dealing with problem wasp nests. AM Pest Control have the skills and equipment to resolve your wasp nest problem, safely and for a reasonable price.

Located in the Forest of Dean we are ideally located to deal with your wasp nest quickly and efficiently.

Wasp nests can be located in lofts, cavity walls, air vents, garages, sheds, water tanks, trees and bushes. The nest is often hidden inside a building and not visible. Look out for a large number of wasps gathering around a small entrance hole often around the gutter of your roof.

From June onwards wasp nests can start to become a nuisance after the Queen Wasps have emerged from hibernation in April and May. A wasp nest can carry on growing in size until early winter depending on the temperatures.

Don’t delay if you start to see evidence of a wasp nest in your property as the nest can quickly grow, with 5,000 to 10,000 workers with potentially life threatening stings. Wasp stings near the airways or a wasp sting that causes an anaphylactic shock can in rare cases be fatal. We strongly advise against using DIY products as we wear full protective clothing to safeguard ourselves against the potentially fatal wasp stings.

If you have a wasp problem in the Forest of Dean of Gloucestershire area.

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