Autumn is a key time to think about flea's. Generally they only jump about a foot off the ground so your more likely to be bitten on the leg. If you are being bitten all over then you have definitely got an infestation and the fleas have probably taken up home in your bed or sofa.

Have you got a pet? Is it scratching a lot? If so then they probably have fleas and if they have fleas then so does the house.... Look around, the are dark/black and about 1mm in size.

Female fleas once they have had a feed lay their eggs around the house in carpets, fabric, crevices and cracks. Even if you're a fastidious cleaner, if you have an infestation this is unlikely to solve the problem.

We have years and years of experience removing fleas from the home. There are two principal methods for eradication, a chemical fumigation or a heat treatment.

The heat method is very effective and will remove the fleas within a day. The chemical fumigation lays chemicals evenly which kills any live fleas and stays active for several weeks hopefully killing any fleas as they hatch.

We can explain in more detail when we discuss your requirements.

Note: If you have pets make sure they are being treated all year round. Get in touch with your vet today.