Pest can cause physical damage which can always be repaired maybe with a bit of inconvenience. Rats chewing through mains cables for example might need new cables installing.

However a bigger issue might be that either through social media or other communication avenues something leaked out implying that your business is dirty or  unhygienic. This kind of reporting won't take into account the truth or facts.

A good example in the news might be this as reported in the Telegraph on the 11th May 2019

"London maternity hospital suffers bedbug outbreak".

A maternity ward has become infested with bedbugs forcing hospital staff to wear protective clothing and a series of deep cleans to be carried out regularly.

The 50-bed ward at the King’s College Hospital in South East London has also reduced the number of visiting times for relatives and friends of patients who are staying in the areas suffering the infestation."

Once its out in the public domain the cost of restoring faith in the hospital would have been huge in comparison to the cost of rectifying the problem.

AM Pest Control offer a full audit of your business and premises. So to head off potential problems before they come and damage your reputation and brand get in touch to book an appointment.