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Controlling Pigeons

Pigeons - love them, hate them they can be a real problem. 
  • close up photograph of a pigeons head
Pigeons will nest anywhere, they have a nasty habit of decorating everything around them, windows, cars and on occasion people.

Factor in the lack of natural predators, pigeons can pretty much breed away increasing their numbers in some instances to a point that they are not only a nuisance but they are a threat. This threat can be to resources ie vegetation or planting.

Pigeons can carry a variety of diseases such as Ornithosis, Listeria and E-coli that can be transmitted to man.

Accumulated pigeon poo is acidic and this can damage metal work and stone.

The list of damage is endless. If you are concerned get in touch now before you have a problem.

Remember prevention can be better than cure and we can advise on this too.

  • close up photograph of a pigeons head
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