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Bird fouling on stairs and pavements looks unsightly and can cause slips and falls.
  • photograph of pigeons eating on a lawn
Bird nests and droppings will provide a breeding ground for insects and germs. Bird fouling can cause damage and stain brickwork due to the high level of acid content within their droppings.

Diseases associated with bird fouling:

Is a 'flu-like' disease most commonly found in pigeon droppings. The bacteria live in the gut of infected birds and are passed out in the faeces and in eye and nasal secretions, the symptoms of this are more like common pneumonia.

Chlamydia Psittaci:
Can be picked up by humans via the inhalation of faecal dust, or by contact with infected feathers, carcasses or birds nests. The disease organism becomes less infectious with time, therefore active roosts will present the greatest risk to humans. If diagnosed early enough the disease can be successfully treated with antibiotics. However, if allowed to develop, it can become serious, leading to hospitalisation and even death in certain cases.
Salmonella:Is present in most pest birds, but feature in a high percentage of feral Pigeons and also Starlings. Birds have been known to contaminate water sources so should be considered a health risk at food premises.

There are various ways of control please call for details.

  • photograph of pigeons eating on a lawn
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